Carimali Armonia Ultra

With the amazing Armonia Ultra, the display can be easily customised.

The Armonia Ultra is a state-of-the-art bean-to-cup coffee machine boasting a large customisable 10-inch Android display allowing up to 30 drink selections and 200 cups per day.

The Armonia Ultra is able to deliver simultaneously 2 different compatible selections: e.g. cappuccino and hot water.

The Armonia Ultra is provided with loudspeaker, you can upload videos, sounds or a customised image per each single drink via USB connection.

Armonia Ultra screen

Recommended Daily Production: up to 200 cups

Drinks Cups per hour
Espresso 150
Coffee/Cappuccino/Choco 120
Hot water 40 litres
Armonia Ultra
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Armonia Ultra
Armonia Ultra
Armonia Ultra