Fresh Roast Coffee Beans

Fresh Roast Coffee Beans

Why Use Fresh Roast Coffee Beans?

The use of fresh roast coffee beans does mean a small increase in cost per cup, but will provide a quality expected by customers and guarantees satisfaction.

Drinking coffee is a social event and a time to relax for a few minutes.

Expectation in terms of taste and texture is higher than ever before, so don’t compromise on quality.

Here at Red Hot Vending, we have built a good relationship with our suppliers and can provide a coffee blending service which will match an existing product, or even have a blend made especially for you!

Below is a description of the blending and taste of some of the fresh roasted coffee beans we supply:

Italia Coffee Beans:-

A balanced blend of selected bold beans from Central America combined with Robusta’s from Indian sub-continent, which give a milder flavoured Espresso coffee. Fully roasted to bring out the complex mouth feel, yet still mild enough to enjoy the overall taste experience.

Ultimo Coffee Beans:-

The ultimate espresso bean for traditional machines.
Beans from Central America expertly chosen and blended before roasted by to produce that authentic Italian style espresso coffee, which lends itself both to traditional espresso and to all of the milk derivatives i.e. latte Cappuccino etc.

Milano Coffee Beans:-

This exceptional coffee is blended by experts to produce one of the finest coffees we supply. Using the highest quality bean of both the Africa’s and the Central Americas, we have been able to produce a coffee which lends itself to many formats without losing quality or flavour.
Having the qualities of a fine espresso, yet allowing the body to “show through” and produce the perfect Cappuccino.

Freedom Coffee Beans:-

The origin of these beans typifies the history of the slave trade. They have the base of beans from the Africa’s topped with the elegant beans of the central America’s. Today they perfectly combine to give a smooth well balanced coffee with a good lingering mouth feel.

Wilberforce Coffee Beans:-

Though heavily accentuated towards the Africa’s with a head from the America’s, these beans would definitely suit the modern, traditional espresso machine. Strong enough to come through the milk for cappuccino and latte, yet sweet enough for that perfect espresso.
Make your choice and order your fresh roast coffee beans now, from Red Hot Vending.

Pack sizes are usually 6 x 1KG Packs

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