In Cup Drinks

In cup drink refills have been supplied by Red Hot Vending to customers throughout the UK since 1990. We pride ourselves on treating customers personally and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. So you’ll hopefully enjoy our service for years to come.

All of our in cup drinks have a shelf life of 12 months due to being foil-wrapped. This means you always have fresh products for your machine…

In cup drinks: brands…

Top quality brands of In cup drinks like Nescafe, Kenco, Douwe Egberts, Tetley, Bovril and more, are supplied by Red Hot Vending.

Finest quality ingredients already present in the cup are ready to be mixed with hot water making this simply the quickest, cleanest, easiest and most reliable way of supplying a hot drink from a vending machine. These cups can be used in your existing in cup vending machine, or you can just add hot water.

Drinks Refills Brands

Refills for in-cup drink machines…

The perfect hot drinks solution for the busy workplace. Even without a vending machine, all you need is hot water. Each cup is filled with the correct amount of ingredients to make a perfect drink.

Choose from a wide range of great in-cup drinks.

  • In-Cup Nescafe Gold Blend Black Coffee
  • In-Cup Nescafe Gold Blend White Coffee
  • In-Cup Kenco White Coffee
  • In-Cup Kenco Black Coffee
  • In-Cup Nescafe Gold Blend White Coffee with Sugar
  • In-Cup Cappuccino
  • In-Cup Latte
  • In-Cup Douwe Egberts White Coffee
  • In-Cup Douwe Egberts White Coffee with Sugar
  • In-Cup Columbian Freeze Dried White Coffee
  • In-Cup Moccaccino
  • In-Cup Luxury Chocolate
  • In-Cup Tetley Tea Bag White
  • In-Cup Tetley White Tea Bag Tea with Sugar
  • In-Cup Lemon Tea
  • In-Cup Minestrone Soup
  • In-Cup Oxtail Soup
  • In-Cup Vegetable Soup
  • In-Cup Chicken Soup
  • In-Cup Tomato Soup
  • In-Cup Beef and Tomato Soup
  • In-Cup Bovril Drink
  • All at competitive prices

In cup drink refills. Will they fit my machine..?

In cup drink cup sizes do vary… If in doubt, please call us with the make of your machine so we can advise you.

Freephone: 0800 413 559

In cup drinks are available in the standard 73mm size which fit most in cup machines, including Darenth machines, such as the Vogue, refresh 700 and 1400, the style 5, the 1066 auto and the encore auto.

In cup drinks save time, money and mess and are recyclable.

Manufacturing using PS provides numerous advantages, for example, PS cups can be easily and efficiently transported, due to the materials lightweight nature. This reduces fuel consumption and associated emissions. Additionally, products such as cups can be widely recycled with mainstream plastic and can be converted into a completely new product, which saves on waste being sent to landfill.

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We also supply a range of ancillary items such as sugar, Wooden stirrers milks creams, etc.
Red Hot Vending are the complete one stop shop for your in cup drinks.

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Place your order using the form below and hit the submit button. Just want a quote..? Fill in the order form and ask for a quote in the “special instructions” box at the bottom of the form. All drinks are supplied in cases of 300 and 73mm cup size. Please note we no longer supply 76mm cups


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Gold Blend Coffee

Douwe Egberts Coffee


Kenco Coffee

Decaff coffee


Tetley Tea Bag White Tea


Instant White Tea




Luxury Chocolate

Lemon Tea


Chicken Soup

Vegetable Soup

Tomato Soup

Minestrone Soup

Oxtail Soup

Beef & Tomato

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