Vending Systems

Vending systems to suit all requirements and budgets from Red Hot Vending.

Every vending situation is unique and the style 5 vending system (pictured right) is designed to adapt. This and many of our other vending systems have multiple options.

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Whether it’s in reception areas where company image is important, trade counters for waiting customers, staff canteens, or just avoiding unwashed cups in sinks, vending systems are the ideal solution.

Vending technology has advanced dramatically over recent years, to the point of being almost unbelievable. Traditionally, vending machines are used to vend soft and hot drinks, snacks and food. They’re common everywhere there are large gatherings of people e.g. shopping centres, sport venues or tourist areas.

Vending machines can service staff and visitors 24-7.

For some businesses, vending systems can extend opening hours and generate useful extra profits. Vending systems can also be a way of showing appreciation of the workforce, by pricing at a discount.

Vending systems can help to reduce wastage of product and time. If your workforce make their own drinks, there are invariably those who choose to make their coffee extra strong or extra milky. Also the time taken to actually make the drinks is lost productive working time.

Most of our vending systems can combine snack, can or water machines and are available to purchase or lease (subject to acceptance).


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