Bulk Products

Bulk Products from Red Hot Vending:

Our bulk products include freeze-dried instant, decaffeinated and Fairtrade products as well as Freshbrew, Filter and Coffee Beans.

Bulk Instant Coffee

We can offer premium branded coffee from Douwe Egberts, it gives a medium and well balanced flavour suitable for drinking at any time of the day.

NESCAFÉ is the world’s favourite coffee. In Britain, we drink a massive 15000 cups of bulk product refill NESCAFÉ every minute.

Other blends of the finest coffees, especially high roasted and freeze dried are available to deliver a continental fuller flavour coffee. Specially formulated for use in automatic beverage systems.

Bulk Fresh Ground Coffee

Recognised nationally and internationally as a premium brand, Douwe Egberts is a high quality coffee made from a blend of the finest beans that produces a smooth, aromatic drink with a caramel-like taste and pleasing créma layer. This product is ideal for a premium coffee through Freshbrew vending machines.

Usual pack sizes are 50 X 50g or 56g sachets per case four pour & serve
large bulk bags 1KG.

Bulk Espresso Beans

Our selected blends of Arabica & Robusta Beans deliver a rich continental coffee for use in espresso and Bean to Cup machines. We can also match your current suppliers blend if required.

Bulk Toppings & Whiteners

Cappuccino toppings that create a natural dairy tasting low fat topping with a good long lasting foam for speciality coffees such as Latte or Cappuccino.

A range of whiteners to suit your specific business needs – providing choice, quality and consistent results for great tasting beverages.

Bulk Deluxe Chocolate

Deliciously smooth instant chocolate drink for vending machines. An all-day drinking chocolate and the perfect accompaniment to the Cappuccino Club range.

Bulk Soups

For a warming alternative to tea or coffee, soup is proving really popular. With improved recipes, reduced salt and no MSG, our soups are ideal for a tasty snack. Our soup range is available in the most popular flavours including tomato, chicken and vegetable.

Bulk Sugar

Silver Spoon sugar is a leading brand of sugar, specially formulated for excellent flow in vending machines.

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In Cup Drinks Supplies Order

Nescafe Gold Blend

Gold Blend Coffee (10 x 300g)

Douwe Egberts

Douwe Egberts Coffee (10 x 300g)

Colombian Coffee

Colombian Coffee (10 x 300g)

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Drink (10 x 1KG)

Cappuccino Topping

Cappuccino Topping (10 x 1KG)

Cappuccino Topping

Premium Granulated Milk (10 x 500g)

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